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Sam is a young lady who doesn't seem to be happy with the person she is, but the reason why still remains a bit of a mystery. Her father dies two years ago, leaving just her and her mom to look out for one another. Her father was a photographer, and it has never been revealved how he died. Sam still has a hard time dealing with the death, and worries that her father may not be proud of the person she has become.
The new relationship her mother began with Mike McQueen was painfull for her. She felt that her mother was replacing her dad and forgetting all about him. That is why she was so cold to her mom. She has come to accept the relationship, and relaizes that her mother must move on with her life. The other reason Samwas upset, could have to do with the fact that Mike is the father of Sam's arch rival of sorts, Brooke McQueen.

The Brooke and Sam war came to a head when Carmen didn't make the cheerleading squad, even though Brooke had admitted that the person with the most talent would be the person who would make it on the squad. She and her friends also weren't invited to Brooke's party, so they decided to crash and the two squard off agaist each other. They have battled over many things. Sam got the cheerleaders disbanded for a short time and she exposed a cheerleading cheating scandal. There have also been some common fights such as the relationship between their parents and bets over love lives. And lastly their have been a great deal of misunderstandings, Brooke thought Sam had released a bad photo of her to ruin her homecomming queen race, Brooke thought Sam had betrayed her confidence, and so on. The pleasent moments have been few and far between for the two.
Sam has seemed to make it her business to wreak havoc on Brooke, trying to expose her faults and the flaws which everyone else seems not to notice.

As for the romance department Sam has seen some action. first she had a major crush on her journalism advisor, Mr. Luke Grant. The relationship of course never developed into anything, altough Sam did try to set up a romantic dinner for them, but that was ruined by the waitress who turned out to be his girlfriend. Things got worse when Nicole went to the principal Hall and said Sam and Luke were having relations outside of school.
Sam's other romance came with Carmen's older brother Leo. Sam and he had hit it off while she was at Carmen's sleepover. Then after making a bet with Brooke, Sam pursued Leo, by signing up for his tennis lessons. She then tricked him into haveing dinner at her place. Later that night Leo told her that he knew something was up, and when Sam told him the truth, he wasn't mad but said that you can't force a relationship.

Her future aspirations are with journalism. She currently is the editor of the school paper and has written many damaging articals for self serving reasons. She also created and produced an peice about popularity.

She and her friends are tight and each look out for the other. She has crossed the limits of friendship many times, but each time she has been forgiven for her wrongs. She betrayed Harrison and Carmen, one out of revenge and the other because she wanted to be accepted into the cool crowd. Although they agree that things at school suck because of the popular crowd and everyone else they haven't taken it as far as she has.
She can also forgive her friends for their mistakes as well, and be there for them when they need her to be.

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